Tuesday, July 22, 2014

HOT BOX press release

For Immediate Release: July 21, 2014


July 30 – 31 2014
Opening Reception: July 30th, 5 pm

The Icebox Project Space is pleased to present Hot Box, on view July 30th and 31st at 1400 N. American St. This group exhibition is the culmination of a seven week conceptual and material exploration by the artists of the Tyler School of Art Summer Painting and Sculpture Intensive 2014, a post-graduate summer residency.

Eighteen artists from across the country come together in Hot Box to engage in a dialogue of aesthetic osmosis. Through reexamining and deconstructing our relationship to materiality, the work represented breaks with traditional notions of medium specificity in favor of a fluid interplay between painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation, and performance.

Nick Mayer and Katie Rauth confront gender issues and conventions, with Rauth interested in creating a dialogue between women regarding issues in their daily lives. Sarah McCarty explores the bodily experience of language in questioning physical mass, density, and endurance, while Nicole Cherry cites the body through the use of abstraction, color, and build-up of surface texture. Lisa Patusky creates freestanding sculpture emphasizing form and medium while suggesting gestural movement. Bianca Schreiber uses found materials, news media, collage, sculpture, and paint to explore the dark-side of Americana and her post-Apocalyptic vision of a potential future. Kamaria Shepherd combines fabric, paint, wood, and flower motifs in her multi-layered installations and paintings dealing with self-identity. Lydia Smith repurposes objects of mundaneity to create work drawing from the geography of cemetaries.

The fluid abstractions of Zoe Sasson highlight the juiciness of paint, which Natalie Flor Negron likewise evokes through the buildup of glossy, transparent layers into airy atmospheres. Brittney Lyons’ paintings focus on the spirituality of nature through levels of consciousness by studies of color theory.  Rachel Cohen’s work is an intuitive and meditative process using paint, found objects and her physical body.

Benjamin Durst questions the traditional boundaries of painting, moving beyond canvas and into the three-dimensional realm. Chris Albert Lee is a painter living/working in Brooklyn, New York. Travis Frick’s movie poster paintings are ads for horror movies that play with and question cliché and authenticity. Within the realm of figuration, Jia Sung and Freda Epum portray symbolic narrative through the interplay of abstraction and representation, while Tracey Scaro focuses on the observational aspect of portraying the figure.

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