Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sublet Opportunity #1

i am a tyler grad looking for a subleter june thru augi live all by myself, i have two cats who will be in MD with my folks, but if you allergic it may not be good for you
i have a proper one bedroom, and have nice light
separate kitchen, living room and bedroom
i have internet, and it stayed pretty cool in the apt last summer
but there is a secret air conditioner hidden in the closet if you need one
i am asking for $700 a month, 600 for rent and 100 for utilities (internet and electric)
i would also like to have a $300 deposit,
which you will totally get back when i see you didn't pack up all my garbage and sell it on ebay, its just for my piece of mind
so $1700 all together... 300 of which you will get back in cash or money order, whichever you prefer
i live in northern liberties, between girard and poplar on 6th, my neighborhood is safe and pleasant
i ride a bike everywhere if you have a bike, but there is easy access to the bus on 11th,
if you get/have a car that may not matter to you
i am in close proximity to school, laundry, grocery, bowling restaurants, 2nd street niceties, fishtown and center city
i love my apartment... so i think you will too
lemme know
feel free to call, or you can just email me back!

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